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The Aftermath of Fire Sprinkler Water Loss in Pasco

fire sprinkler water loss

No business or home in Pasco wants to deal with fire sprinkler water loss. Unfortunately, a sprinkler can freeze, burst, malfunction, or even go off if there is fire or smoke in the area. When the sprinkler systems do go off, they can leave behind extensive water damage.

Regardless of the cause of the sprinkler water loss, you can use these tips to help you deal with the aftermath.

Be Prepared

It’s important to know and understand your sprinkler system and to have maintenance personnel who can inspect it regularly for you as well. Keep the system clean and maintained to try to help prevent water loss from occurring. Even with being prepared, though, you can’t always stop the mishaps. But you can know how to act quickly and try to minimize the damage.

Ensure there are designated people who understand where the shut-off valves are and how to use them. Have emergency numbers available to handle issues right away. When something happens, move quickly, and don’t just ignore the water damage that stems from the sprinklers.

Steps to Follow to Mitigate Damages

If you train people to know how to react and respond, this is the best way to mitigate your damages and get cleanup moving as quickly as possible.

Move Things Out of Harm’s Way

You should move anything that got wet from the fire sprinklers or is in the path of water if possible. With heavy machinery, you may not be able to move it out but you can move parts and products out. Do your best to clear the area and reduce things that the water can damage.

Any type of cloth, wood, or personal items should go to dryness and safety.

Get to Drying

The next step is to start drying out any affected items and spaces. Most professional companies have industrial drying equipment that they can use to remove water and work through the drying process. Water can start producing mold very quickly, so move fast to get things dry.

Dry everywhere and everything that was affected, and then you can take stock of the damage that’s left behind from the water. What needs restoration, repair, and replacement? It’s much easier to figure this out when the water is out of the way. Things like shop vacs, fans, dehumidifiers, and water removal systems work here.

Restoration and Repairs

Once the area is dry and the water is out, you can start working on repairs and restoration. Bring in a professional water restoration crew to help you through this process. Remember, they will have the training and the appropriate equipment to work through the process, no matter what your damages might be.

Making the repairs and cleaning up will help you get back to business as quickly as possible.

Handle Fire Sprinkler Water Loss with Us

For those in Pasco and the surrounding areas, we are here to help! If you’re dealing with fire sprinkler water loss, contact Dry 24 Water Restoration today to work through the mess. From initial dry time to cleanup and restoration, we’ve got your back. And our teams always provide a quick response.

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