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Should You Get a Moisture Inspection for Your Pasco Residence?

moisture inspection

Unless you see noticeable signs of water, it can sometimes be challenging to determine when you need to get a moisture inspection. Here’s the thing, though: when moisture causes water damage or mold damage, it can lead to major issues.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and sometimes that means getting an inspection. Take a look at these tips to know when to get an inspection for your Pasco County residence.

Obvious Water Damage

The first and most obvious sign that you need to get an inspection is when you know that you have water damage. You experienced the water event, or you’re dealing with the aftermath of water-related damage.

The first thing that water restoration companies do is inspect the affected areas, and then help you create a plan for what needs to happen next. Many times, it could be basic cleanup and disinfection. It just depends on the circumstances.

Moldy Suspicions: Time for a Moisture Inspection

The next time that you need to consider getting an inspection is when you have suspect mold. Whether someone in the home is experiencing some sort of allergic reaction or you’re seeing discoloration that looks like mold, take action.

Mold can be hazardous to the health of your home, so you never want to just ignore it. If you suspect there is mold or know that there was water damage that could cause mold, then call in someone to do a thorough inspection and take care of the issue.

Water Suspicions

If you feel like there might be a water problem somewhere, but you just can’t quite pinpoint the problem, a moisture inspection could be very helpful here.

These inspections are designed to help you find areas where there is excessive moisture, or to inspect a place that is noticeably affected by moisture. It can occur when something like a leak or a burst pipe has happened, but there could be other causes as well.

Following a Fire

Finally, get a moisture inspection completed if you face a fire in your residence. The reason this is necessary is because moisture puts out the fire. Inevitably, beneath fire and smoke damage, there is going to be water damage too.

Being proactive and looking for these things up front will help make the necessary repairs to prevent water issues (like mold) from showing up in the future and causing more damage.

Get Your Moisture Inspection in Pasco County

Whether you’ve faced a water emergency or suspect water issues, get a moisture inspection to protect your home. Give us a call at Dry 24 Water Restoration. Our inspections are free, and we can ensure your home is safe and taken care of.

Water and mold are nothing to mess with. The safety and the health of your household depend on you taking action. We’re here to help, and we will inspect any area at risk to make sure you are fully taken care of.

Contact us today to get the process in place.


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