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Water is powerful. It was powerful enough to carve the entire Grand Canyon, and it’s certainly powerful enough to damage a home or office. Water isn’t the only thing that causes damage, either. Fire, smoke, and other issues can wreak havoc on your property. When disaster strikes, who will put the pieces back together? Don’t worry. All you have to do is call Dry 24. With our office and home reconstruction services, your property will soon look just like it did before disaster struck.

Structural Damage

Water and other disasters can cause different types of damage. At Dry 24, we’re prepared to handle all of those types. When water has entered your house, you may notice all sorts of structural damage. For example, water can warp your flooring so that it no longer fits within its frame. The floor weakens and expands, creating tripping hazards. Water can also peel wallpaper, strip paint, leave stains, and create bubbles on ceilings. Overall, there’s no limit to what water can do.

When you’re dealing with water damage and other types of damage, you’ll have two main concerns: safety issues and cosmetic issues. On the safety side, structural damage can cause injury for the people who live in the house or who use the property for work. On the cosmetic side, your property just doesn’t look the way that it used to look. The longer it stays that way, the more it reminds you of the disaster that caused it. Either way, you want the damage gone fast. No matter the type of damage, Dry 24 is here to take care of it.

Progression of the Rebuilding Stage

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Why Choose Us

Why choose the Dry 24 team? Because we do the job fast, and we get it done right. When it comes to your property, you don’t want to deal with a mediocre service. Get the best team to do the job. Our team is trained and certified to repair structural damage. We hire employees instead of contractors, and we always put our clients and their needs above everything else.

Don’t Wait

Don’t give your structural damage a chance to get any worse. Contact Dry 24 so that we can get to work right away. We’ll restore your property to its pre-damage state, and we’ll work with your insurance company while we make the repairs. Ready to start using your home or building normally again? Get in touch with us now to request your estimate.

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