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Preventing Fire Sprinkler Water Loss

fire sprinkler water loss

Fire sprinklers are great for providing mass protection to a large facility. But all too often, equipment like this can fail or malfunction, leading to unnecessary fire sprinkler water loss.

While you can’t always prevent every situation, being proactive about care and maintenance will go a long way to help. Use these tips to help prevent loss from occurring.

Ensure You’re Using the Best System

It is important that your facility has the best system in place to meet your needs. Fire sprinkler water loss can occur because the wrong type of system is in place.

The most common system is a wet pipe system, but this may not always be the best fit. For example, locations with freezing temperatures could be better off with a dry pipe system.

Choosing the right system makes a huge difference, so ensure you have the right system in place.

Educate to Prevent Fire Sprinkler Water Loss

Another thing that most companies fail to do is to educate employees and staff on the sprinkler systems. This is especially true of maintenance crews and crews that could potentially be working in close proximity to those systems. For example, a sprinkler might be triggered by excessive heat that is near it for an extended length of time. In this case, it could just be a careless (or uneducated) mistake, leading to a major mishap.

Ensure that employees know how to protect the fire sprinklers, and how to avoid triggering them by mistake as well. Avoiding damage and accidental setoff could make a huge difference.

Proper Care and Maintenance

These systems need to be properly cleaned, inspected, and maintained. In all actuality, you should be having routine inspections done to ensure the sprinklers are functioning as they should. You should also have things like cleaning protocols and maintenance in place to keep them in working order.

Many times, those malfunctions are simply due to lack of care and maintenance on the system. A properly maintained system is less likely to have a problem. You might also consider adding protection to your system to protect the sprinklers and the heads. Something like a cage or guard might prevent accidental damages.

Have a Plan

Finally, even with preparations and care, sometimes things happen. So you need to be prepared for that possibility. This includes having a plan of reaction in the event that the systems are triggered or malfunction. But you also need to make sure those plans are available and that staff knows how to respond as well.

When fire sprinklers break, malfunction, or go off by accident, you need to move quickly to help mitigate damages. That means getting water shut off and shutting down the system right away. Work to avoid mishaps, but plan to be prepared in case they happen.

Work Through Water Damage with Us

If you do face fire sprinkler water loss, you’re not alone. Contact us at Dry 24 Water Restoration to help work through the details and mitigate your damages. We can help with the cleanup, water extraction, and dealing with the aftermath. Reach out to us right away when an issue occurs.

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