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We bought a fixer-upper house. It clearly had a mold problem. We could smell it the second we walked in. We thought we could handle it, but we were very wrong. After weeks and weeks of frustration, we still could not figure out where the mold was coming from. We were worried that we’d made a huge mistake. We called Dry 24, and they fixed the problem within days. I wish we’d called them sooner. It would’ve saved us a lot of time.

Theresa K.

They got here at 4 in the morning when our basement flooded. They removed the water, started drying right away. The place was spotless when they left.

Liam B

Dry 24 worked fast, got the job done, and then sent the bill to our insurance company. They were really friendly and answered all of our questions, too.

Omar J

I noticed a weird smell coming from the guest bathroom. When I went to investigate, it was so bad that I couldn’t stay in the room for more than a few seconds. Turns out it was a sewage backup. After these guys fixed the problem, you wouldn’t even know that there was ever an issue. They also sanitized the bathroom so that people can use it again. Overall, great job. Highly recommend.

Emma C

They showed up fast, fixed the problem completely, billed our insurance, and were courteous the whole time.

David M

When the pipe burst, we were on vacation. Basically, the water had plenty of time to flood the house and damage everything before we finally caught the problem. The biggest problem was our laminate floors. The coating was peeling off in strips. It took some time because there was a ton of damage, but Dry 24 handled everything, and they did an amazing job.

Jordan S

What really impressed me was just how hard they worked the whole time. They were very focused, too. They didn’t stop until they had gotten rid of all the mold. The kids had to stop using the basement as a playroom when the mold got really bad, but now they have their playroom back. I’ll absolutely call Dry 24 again if we need mold removal or something similar.

Sofia L

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