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Water Restoration – Pack back

During the water restoration process, there is a lot going on. You’ve likely packed out items that need restoration, packed other items out of the way, and dealt with a mess during restoration.

When restoring an area, you have to pack nearly everything out of the way, even if you just moved it to another room. Part of the pack out process includes restoring any damaged items.

But what happens when we finish the restoration process? Don’t worry, we help to pack back your items and make sure everything gets placed and cleaned up when the restoration is complete.

We don’t just leave you hanging with a mess and nothing in its proper place. That’s what the pack back process is all about.

Pack Back Overview

When your damage was first assessed, you likely went through personal belongings, furniture, and other items to figure out what could be restored and what would need to be replaced entirely. We call this pack out. It’s the part of the process when you’re determining needs, taking notes, and preparing for restoration. 

We move personal belongings and furniture that we can salvage and restore off-site so we can work on them as soon as possible. This also gets them out of the way for structural restoration. All of that is part of pack out. 

Pack back is all about returning things to their places. We’ve completed the structural restoration has and cleaned and restored all of the salvageable items. Now it is time to pack them back up carefully, bring them back to your home, and then unpack and place them appropriately.

When we finish, we want your home back to its pre-loss condition. This includes putting everything back in its rightful place. Here is a quick glance at the process:

  • Closely inspect, log, and inventory items. 
  • Pack out the items for moving and restoration. 
  • Restore, clean, and repair items
  • Restore structure
  • Pack back items and place them appropriately

It’s simple. We don’t want you to have to worry about whether you will ever be able to get all of your home contents cleaned and restored. We help do this for you, and hopefully we can help you minimize your total loss in the process. 

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Off-Site Restoration

So what happens between the pack out and the pack back portions? We take great care of your items. Part of the pack out process is to be sure to log, carefully assess, and take detailed notes about each item we pack up. 

When we pack out items, we take them to a secure facility where our staff can work on restoring those items. Maybe you have family photos, artwork, knickknacks, and important pieces. Maybe the couch and curtains cause you enough worry on their own.

We can pack out and restore all of these items. During the assessment, if we find things that we can’t restore, we let you know so you can begin looking for a replacement.

During off-site restoration, we keep all of your items secure and together so nothing is misplaced. What happens in restoration may depend on what type of damage you experienced, but you can typically count on these things:

  • Deep cleaning procedures
  • Any needed laundering
  • Necessary dry cleaning
  • Treating and removing odors
  • Drying and storing
  • Additional treatment as necessary

Our specialized staff can treat the items in question as needed to clean up and restore them. Our goal is always to return them to pre-loss condition, if not better. We do our best to make this happen. 

Then when we finish, we carefully pack everything back up for return.

How Does Pack Back Delivery Work?

One of the key elements of pack back processes is making sure everything is put back in its place. You experienced enough of an upset from your water or fire damage. We want to put your home back together as quickly as possible. 

Once we restore the structure, we’ll also thoroughly clean the areas we restored. 

Then, we return with your previously packed out items. We bring in our detailed notes to be sure nothing is missing from inventory as well. 

It’s almost like moving in. We will take those boxes and items and place them back where they belong. Your home should be back to normal in no time. Pack back processes can apply to residential or commercial properties. Our packing crew makes sure to pack everything safely and securely. They’ll then unloaded it all in a manner that won’t damage it.

Restoration Services

At Dry 24 Water Restoration, we do so much more than just repair structural issues. We can help you clean out water and clean up after some other types of structural damage occur. We can help take care of your belongings and heirlooms. 

Finally, we can help restore your home, and we don’t just mean construction restoration. We do mean fixing those structural needs, but also helping fix the belongings that you might otherwise have no idea how to restore. We’re here to help, so let us take some of the burden of restoration and figuring out the details off of your shoulders. 

Why Choose Dry 24 Water Restoration?

Our teams are very carefully chosen and trained. We strive to provide you and your property with the expertise and skill it deserves. We have 24/7 teams available to take your call and help get the ball rolling to get your home and belongings restored. 

We’re here for you from the time the incident occurs until your home is back in order at the end. Let us help you get things taken care of and get the job done right. Our customers are our top priority. 

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