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Dry 24 Water Restoration - Water Restoration, Extraction, & Drying in Tampa specializes in high quality Extraction & Drying for Homes and Businesses that are in need of water damage repair. We are firm believers of drying the job once and doing it right. We have access to best equipment in our industry. It is our goal to have your living or working space back to pre-loss condition within a matter of days, not weeks or months. In order to help save and restore your dwelling we offer around the clock service, our nationwide team has been through extensive training to provide first rate water restoration service in Tampa.

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Who do you call when disaster strikes? When water gets into your house, whether it’s from a simple burst pipe or a major weather catastrophe, it starts damaging your property within minutes. Don’t let the damage get any worse. Call Dry Dry 24 Water Restoration right away. We’re the perfect team to save your property from permanent damage.

Why Choose Us ?

When a loss occurs, whether Flood, wind or contaminant, a critical difference between recovery and complete loss is the timeliness in which recovery begins.

The longer property goes unserviced, the longer the effects of the damage are amplified. In fact, in mere hours a water loss can develop an additional toxic mold growth adding time to the recovery, adding cost to the project, making the property uninhabitable (at least temporarily) and leading to the possibility of diminished property value.

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Get the Best Right Away

When it comes to water damage, you don’t have the time to try out a bunch of mediocre companies before you get to the best one. Start with the best team right away to save and protect your property. We offer all kinds of drying services for Tampa and beyond. Call Dry 24 Water Restoration immediately if you need any of the following services.

  • Water and flood damage restoration
  • Burst pipe restoration
  • Sewage backup cleanup
  • Inspections and evaluations
  • Mold remediation
  • Post-damage reconstruction

When it comes to all of these services, we’re the best. We believe in getting the job done right the first time. With the latest tools and technology, and with our quality training and skills, we’ve got everything we need to make your home or property as good as new again. We’re also certified by the IICRC, so you know that we meet objective quality standards.

Our Services

Water Damage Restoration

People need water, but they don’t need it in their basements. When water shows up unexpectedly, it can cause absolute chaos.

Flood Damage Restoration

Is there anything more stressful than having flood damage in your house? When flood water strikes, it strikes hard. Flooding can ...

Commercial Services

Need a commercial restoration service? Dry 24 Water Restoration is here to help. A lot of water restoration services can take care of homes, but ...

Sewage Backup Cleanup

It’s the last thing that you want to deal with. When sewage backs up into your house or building, you may be completely overwhelmed.

Burst Pipes

It can happen to any homeowner. When a pipe in your house bursts, you don’t just need to get the pipe fixed. You’ll also need ...

Inspections & Evaluations

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24/7 Emergency Service. Call Us Today (813) 559-0009

Mold Remediation

A little bit of mold can turn into a big problem fast. When it does, most homeowners have no idea where to start. How do you get rid ...


Water is powerful. It was powerful enough to carve the entire Grand Canyon, and it’s certainly powerful enough to damage a home or office.

Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you take on a lot of roles. You’re not just a person who sells houses. You’re also a communicator, local expert ...

24/7 Service

Whether it’s the weekend, a holiday, or the middle of the night, disaster can strike at any time. Emergencies don’t care about convenience. Neither do we. We’re here to meet those emergencies whenever they happen. Our emergency service is here for you 24/7, 365 days of the year. Someone will always be here when you call, and our fast arrival times mean that we can stop the damage in its tracks.

(813) 559-0009

Residential and Commercial

Disaster can strike at any time. It can also strike any place. That’s why Dry 24 Water Restoration handles the drying needs of homes, commercial properties, and government buildings. No matter the property, if you need emergency drying services, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding the Damage Water Causes and When

Within Minutes

  • Water contamination spreads to additional areas, rapidly increasing expenses.
  • Stains released from furniture (especially antique) stains carpet permanently.
  • Moisture-sensitive furniture finishes will turn white.
  • Paper goods are ruined due to moisture absorption with swelling and warping.
  • Latent animal urine odor becomes apparent.

Within Hours

  • Furniture in direct contact with water delaminates or swells, legs begin to split.
  • Swelling wood can cause finish to “check” (crack).
  • Sheetrock (drywall, gypsum board) swells.
  • Bacterial odor (sour) becomes apparent when microorganism spores germinate.
  • Dyes from non-colorfast fabrics start to migrate.
  • Metal surfaces start to tarnish.

Within Days

  • Fungi appear (mycelium), along with their characteristic “musty” odor.
  • Severe warping of wood furnishings becomes apparent; adhesive release causes delamination.
  • Hygroscopic internal components in pianos and organs swell from condensed moisture absorption.
  • Metal surfaces rust, pit and corrode causing permanent damage.
  • Paint blisters, plaster dissolves, and wall covering adhesives release.
  • Door and window casings swell and delaminate.
  • Wood structural members (decking, joists, studs) begin to swell warp and split.
  • Persons with asthma or the infirm elderly may develop hypersensitivity reactions.

Within Weeks

  • With prolonged dampness mold sinks roots into and destroys organic materials (jute backings, paper coverings on sheetrock, paneling, wood, contents).
  • Wood components warp and split, while chemicals within wood dissolve and discolor or destroy finishes.
  • Claim costs escalate dramatically as the requirement for gutting the structure and replacing components becomes necessary.
  • Occupants must be evacuated due to biological health hazards.
  • Children may become sensitized to allergens arising from uncontrolled microorganism growth.

Insurance Industry Services

Finding a dependable service provider can be as difficult as adjusting the loss itself. Dry 24 Water Restoration has established and maintained successful relationships with multiple carriers. Through time and dedication we have established the trust and complete confidence of our insurance clients.

Dry 24 Water Restoration would like to work with you. .

We are prepared for dispatch 24/7, 365 days a year so you can ensure your customers are getting the best service available anytime, anywhere. Our experienced teams have received industry leading training in all types of losses, regardless of magnitude, cause, materials or incidentals.

The Dry 24 Water Restoration team consists of certified professionals. You can depend on all the services that Dry 24 Water Restoration provides. We are confident that once you call us it will be the only call you will ever have to make!

National Travel Catastrophe

Think you’re outside of our service area? Think again. We offer national travel catastrophe services. For emergencies, we travel outside of our area to help people who need drying services.

Don’t Wait. Call Us Now

Don’t let a disaster put your life on hold. Contact us, and we’ll fix the problem as soon as possible. The faster you call, the faster we can get to work.

(813) 559-0009

We Bill Your Insurance Directly

What Our Clients Say

We bought a fixer-upper house. It clearly had a mold problem. We could smell it the second we walked in. We thought we could handle it, but we were very wrong. After weeks and weeks of frustration, we still could not figure out where the mold was coming from. We were worried that we’d made a huge mistake. We called Dry 24, and they fixed the problem within days. I wish we’d called them sooner. It would’ve saved us a lot of time.

Theresa K.

They got here at 4 in the morning when our basement flooded. They removed the water, started drying right away. The place was spotless when they left.

Liam B

Dry 24 worked fast, got the job done, and then sent the bill to our insurance company. They were really friendly and answered all of our questions, too.

Omar J

I noticed a weird smell coming from the guest bathroom. When I went to investigate, it was so bad that I couldn’t stay in the room for more than a few seconds. Turns out it was a sewage backup. After these guys fixed the problem, you wouldn’t even know that there was ever an issue. They also sanitized the bathroom so that people can use it again. Overall, great job. Highly recommend.

Emma C

They showed up fast, fixed the problem completely, billed our insurance, and were courteous the whole time.

David M

When the pipe burst, we were on vacation. Basically, the water had plenty of time to flood the house and damage everything before we finally caught the problem. The biggest problem was our laminate floors. The coating was peeling off in strips. It took some time because there was a ton of damage, but Dry 24 handled everything, and they did an amazing job.

Jordan S

What really impressed me was just how hard they worked the whole time. They were very focused, too. They didn’t stop until they had gotten rid of all the mold. The kids had to stop using the basement as a playroom when the mold got really bad, but now they have their playroom back. I’ll absolutely call Dry 24 again if we need mold removal or something similar.

Sofia L

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