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Fungi appear (mycelium), along with their characteristic “musty” odor. 

Severe warping of wood furnishings becomes apparent; adhesive release causes delamination.

Hygroscopic internal components in pianos and organs swell from condensed moisture absorption.

Metal surfaces rust, pit and corrode causing permanent damage.

Paint blisters, plaster dissolves, and wall covering adhesives release.

Door and window casings swell and delaminate.

Wood structural members (decking, joists, studs) begin to swell warp and split.

Persons with asthma or the infirm elderly may develop hypersensitivity reactions.

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Understanding the damage water causes and when.

With prolonged dampness mold sinks roots into and destroys organic materials (jute backings, paper coverings on sheetrock, paneling, wood, contents).

Wood components warp and split, while chemicals within wood dissolve and discolor or destroy finishes.

Claim costs escalate dramatically as the requirement for gutting the structure and replacing components becomes necessary.

Occupants must be evacuated due to biological health hazards.  

Children may become sensitized to allergens arising from uncontrolled microorganism growth.


Water contamination spreads to additional areas, rapidly increasing expenses.

Stains released from furniture (especially antique) stains carpet permanently.

Moisture-sensitive furniture finishes will turn white.

Paper goods are ruined due to moisture absorption with swelling and warping.

Latent animal urine odor becomes apparent.


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Furniture in direct contact with water delaminates or swells, legs begin to split.

Swelling wood can cause finish to “check” (crack).

Sheetrock (drywall, gypsum board) swells.

Bacterial odor (sour) becomes apparent when microorganism spores germinate.

Dyes from non-colorfast fabrics start to migrate.

Metal surfaces start to tarnish.

When a loss occurs, whether Flood, wind or contaminant, a critical difference between recovery and complete loss is the timeliness in which recovery begins.
The longer property goes unserviced, the longer the effects of the damage are amplified. In fact, in mere hours a water loss can develop an additional toxic mold growth adding time to the recovery, adding cost to the project, making the property uninhabitable (at least temporarily) and leading to the possibility of diminished property value.

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