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A flood damage restoration team can help fix your home

Flood Damage Restoration

Is there anything more stressful than having flood damage in your house? When flood water strikes, it strikes hard. Flooding can leave all kinds of damage in your home or building, ruining everything from carpets to walls to wood floors. What do you do when a flood damages your property? Just call Dry 24 Water Restoration. Our emergency flood damage restoration team can get there at any time, day or night. We’ll dry and sanitize your property so that you can get back to your pre-flood life.

Not Everyone’s Equipped for Flood Water

Not every restoration team can handle flood water. Flood water is different than water that comes from a pipe or even a regular rainstorm. Flood water can carry dirt, toxic chemicals, sewage, viruses, and bacteria. You need a team that has specific skills and equipment to handle flood water. Thankfully, Dry 24 Water Restoration is just the team you need. We have the experience to take care of flood water, and we have all of the latest safety equipment and water removal technology. Don’t try to deal with dangerous flood water on your own, and don’t hire a team that can’t handle the mess. Call Dry 24 Water Restoration. We understand flood water.

Let us help you pack back your furniture and home goods

Our Process


Your Dry 24 Water Restoration team can get to work as soon as we arrive. First, we extract the water from your home or building by using high-powered sump pumps. Next, it’s time to clean, dry, and sanitize the area. We use the latest and most powerful drying equipment to get the job done. We won’t leave water behind to cause mold and other damage to your property. When we clean the area, we make sure to leave it sparkling and sanitary so that you can avoid illness. Before we leave, if there’s any mold, we’ll go ahead and get rid of it.

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Why Choose Us

Why choose Dry 24 Water Restoration as your water restoration team? Because we’ll doa thurough and proper job the first time. Our IICRC certification says that we can meet high objective standards for restoration. We hire employees instead of contractors, overseeing every job to make sure that it gets done well. Finally, we put our customers first in everything that we do.

Don’t Delay

When it comes to flood water, you don’t have any time to waste. The longer you wait, the worse the damage gets. Call Dry 24 Water Restoration now so that we can get flood damage restoration work done. Let’s get your home or building back to its pre-flood state.

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