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A home inspection can help find all the damage hidden in your property

Free Initial Water and Fire Home Inspection

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Free Initial Water and Fire Home Inspection

At Dry 24, we respond 24/7 to any emergency fire or water situation. But before we begin work on the restoration process, we have to assess the damage and do an inspection. Our trained and certified Inspection Specialists will document the affected areas of your home or property, taking photos of the damage and making detailed notes. This free initial inspection is necessary for us to provide the best service possible.

Benefits of a Free Initial Water and Fire Home Inspection

Getting an on-site inspection isn’t just a recommendation; it’s an important part of the restoration process. Being able to see the affected area and assess the damage is necessary to ensure work is done properly and thoroughly the first time. A full home inspection provides added benefits to your service, such as:

More Accurate Quote

By doing a full inspection of your home, our Inspection Specialists can accurately identify all points of damage. In doing so, we can provide you with an accurate quote detailing the cost of repair and the estimated time to complete the work. This way, you don’t have to worry about any surprise charges or damages showing up during the restoration process.

Insurance Assistance

A full inspection is also beneficial when submitting a claim to your insurance company. Your insurance adjuster will want a breakdown of the damages and the exact cost needed for repairs. You can use the detailed notes and images taken by your Inspection Specialist to support your claim and get your money faster.

Decreased Work Time

A lot of time can be lost when repair specialists don’t have the right equipment for the job. Taking the time to run back out and get what they need can delay the restoration process, leaving you with an unstable home for longer. By using our Mica/Dash technology to sketch the affected areas of your home, our technicians know exactly what damage they’re dealing with and can guarantee they’ll have all the necessary equipment to do a thorough job the first time around.

Preventing Future Damage

Locating the cause of the damage in the first place can help prevent future damage. For example, a fire may start because of faulty wiring, or water damage may spread due to a leaky pipe. During the initial home inspection, we’ll locate and identify the source of damage and help you take preventative measures to avoid future incidents.

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Fire Damage Inspection

A home fire can leave a lot of destruction in its path. But even a small, contained fire can still cause more damage than you may think. When we assess your home for fire damage, we look out for the following:

Scorch Damage

Scorch Damage

Flames can ruin walls and destroy flooring. Scorch marks don’t just leave behind a discolored surface but a hazardous one as well. Scorch areas are more likely to attract mold and other biohazards if not repaired as soon as possible.

mold remediation

Ash and Soot Damage

Fire leaves behind ash and soot that can easily get tracked through your home. Quarantining the affected areas can help reduce the spread, but it often gets stuck in places you may not initially notice, such as the grout lines between tile flooring and backsplashes.


Smoke Damage

Smoke particles cling to porous surfaces. The smell can linger in your home for weeks after the flames have been put out. A deep cleaning and smoke odor removal service are needed to ensure that your home is safe for your family once more.

Water Damage Inspection

Water damage can spread and cause more severe issues the longer it’s left to sit in your home. Because water damage often goes unnoticed by hiding in dark and hard-to-see places, a home inspection is more necessary than ever to ensure all damage is found and eradicated. When we assess your home for water damage, we look out for the following:

Structural Damage

Water often pools on and around the supports that keep your home stable. Over time, the water and other associated damages can erode the surface of your supports. This can lead to a structurally unstable home that can cause large-scale damages such as holes in the floor or caved-in roofs.

Mold Damage

Most mold species thrive in moist environments. This is why it’s so crucial to clean up water damage as soon as possible. Without a home inspection, it’s possible that mold could be growing in hidden spots around your home. Mold spores are highly toxic and can cause severe health problems for you and your family if not dealt with right away.

Electrical Damage

Water and electricity don’t mix, but pipes and wires often run parallel in your home. If you have a leak in a pipe or a flood that reaches electrical outlets, your home’s electricity becomes compromised. Using an appliance or turning on a light could lead to shortages or even shocks that can injure you. A full electrical assessment can prevent these extra damages.

Get Your Free Initial Fire and Water Inspection Service Today

Whether your home has recently suffered a fire or water damage, Dry 24 is here to help. Our emergency restoration specialists are standing by, ready to jump into action 24/7 to respond to any fire or water situation. Our free initial fire and water inspection will help us get an accurate quote for your damages and let us quickly and efficiently get your home back to pre-loss conditions as soon as possible. Contact us today to get started on restoring your home.

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