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What Causes Water Damage from Fire Sprinklers?

fire sprinkler water damage

There are many different issues that can lead to fire sprinkler water damage. In some cases, you can likely avoid water damage by being proactive and taking proper care of the fire sprinklers. Unfortunately, some things do happen that are simply unavoidable. However, when you take proactive measures, you certainly reduce the risks of water damage.

Curious about what typically leads to the water damage caused by fire sprinklers? In this guide, we share some insights about the most common cases of damage and how you can prevent them. Keep reading to learn more!


If you notice the fire sprinklers leaking, don’t just ignore it. And you should have your fire sprinklers inspected regularly to ensure there are no leaks that need to be addressed. Leaky sprinkler heads or pipes will cause water damage that will gradually get worse over time. This leaking might also be a bigger problem when the issue causes your sprinklers to stop working altogether. Don’t let that happen to you!

Leaking can happen from improper installation, improper designs, disrepair, maintenance needs, and even human error. Routine inspections and repairs can help prevent this issue.

Burst Pipes

Another of the most common causes of water damage from fire sprinklers is burst pipes. This often happens when the pipe itself needs some repairs or isn’t properly protected from cold weather. You have to be proactive here. If you know the pipes are at risk, take action! Protect the pipes with foam, insulation, and other means to ensure they don’t freeze. You might also need to consider protection in extreme heat as well. Be familiar with your pipelines and what they are exposed to, and take steps to protect those pipes.

Lack of Maintenance

Take proper care of your fire sprinklers. This includes cleaning, maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Inspect sprinkler systems at least twice a year. Test the systems a minimum of once per year. During inspection and testing, take the time to fix anything that could lead to a malfunction. You may need to clean the sprinkler heads at the same time. It’s all about proper care and ensuring the sprinkler system gets what it needs.

Lack of Training

How many people in your facility know how to operate the fire sprinklers? Proper training is essential to prevent malfunction and other related issues. Take the time to train your staff about the sprinklers and proper care for the sprinklers. Designate a department or employee to be in charge of care, training, and maintenance. So often, sprinkler systems are just ignored if no one really knows or understands the system. And then when there is an issue, no one knows how to respond. You can prevent this.

Let Dry 24 Water Restoration Cover Your Fire Sprinkler Water Damage

When you face water damage from your fire sprinkler system, we are here to help! While you should do what you can to prevent damages, things happen. Dry 24 Water Restoration will be there in a hurry to help you clean up and mitigate your damages. Contact us today for your water damage needs.

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