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Dos and Don’ts of Fire Sprinkler Water Loss Situations

fire sprinkler water loss

Your fire sprinkler system is meant to be a safeguard. And it works very well as one. There is a reason they are used for commercial and even some residential facilities. They are effective when they are needed. But what about handling fire sprinkler water loss after a malfunction or even after a necessary setoff?

Whether you needed the sprinklers to go off or you ran into some unexpected issue, you’re going to deal with water damage from it. When you do face these situations, there are both dos and don’ts to be aware of! In this guide, we share some of those dos and don’ts with you so you can be prepared. Read on to find out more.

The Don’ts of Fire Sprinkler Water Loss

Don’t Just Shut Off the Systems

Many people will shut off their systems during freezing weather or when they know they need repairs. While it may be ok to shut them off temporarily for a repair or an issue, you should never leave them off. The system can’t do its job if it is shut off, right? Don’t take the chance of shutting down the fire sprinklers only to have them not available when a fire does occur. It’s simply not worth the risk. Leave the systems on and learn how to take care of them properly to avoid issues.

Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard

You know that fire sprinklers have the potential to malfunction, so don’t give them the chance. You can’t always prevent every little issue. But if you are proactive with maintenance and care, you are far less likely to have problems. Get to know your sprinkler systems and train other personnel to get familiar with them as well. Have people designated to keep up maintenance. Know where the shutoff valves are in case something happen. Be aware and be familiar and take steps to prevent failure or malfunction.

The Dos of Fire Sprinkler Water Loss

Do Know the System

Knowing your system and having routine checks and inspections done will do a lot to prevent water loss. When you know the system, you can be prepared to respond if something does happen. You can shut it off quickly and get help right away. When you have annual checks and inspections, this helps to ensure the sprinkler system is working properly and that there aren’t any major issues that need to be addressed.

Do Respond Quickly

When something does happen, you need a quick response. Get the water shut off right away and call the professionals to come in and help clean up water. The faster you move, the less damage you will have. It all depends on how well you respond when an emergency does happen. And there is no way that one person can be at the facility 24/7, so be sure to train others to respond quickly and let them know exactly what they should do if the fire sprinkler system goes off.

Call Us for Fire Sprinkler Water Loss

When your sprinklers go off, we’ve got your back. No doubt you’re looking at tons of water and probably some extensive water damage. Dry 24 Water Restoration has the equipment and the knowledge to help you quickly dry things up, clean up, and restore your space so you can get back to business. Contact us today for your water damage needs.

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