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3 Tips for Identifying Structural Damage


There are several different categories that fall under the realm of reconstruction. This term can reference things like restoration, but it could also be more extensive than this as well. One of the most common things people deal with is structural damage.

But how can you know if you have structural damage to deal with? Check out this guide to 3 tips for identifying structural damage.

1. Cracking or Bulging

One of the most notable signs that are easy to spot is cracking or bulging. While this could happen on floors and ceilings, for structural damage you are most likely to notice it on place likes the walls or the ceilings.

If you notice both cracks and a sagging ceiling, you need to take action quickly as the damage is fairly extensive by this point.

The best thing to do is to start making reconstruction repairs when cracks are small. This is your first sign of damage and those cracks will only grow as the problem worsens.

2. Window and Door Gaps

Another sign that you can watch for is door or window gaps. These gaps are places where your structural damage begins to cause the framing of the home or structure to pull away from doors and windows. This is typically caused by damage, settling, or even age.

Over time, the holes that were cut for doors and windows allow pressure to cause movement of the surrounding areas. Since there is the cut opening, it leaves these spaces susceptible.

You may notice gaps around your doors, space where your doors or windows seem to be separating from the wall, doors that refuse to stay closed, or doors and windows that won’t open or shut properly or no longer lock. These can be indicators of structural damage.

3. Home and Soil Separation

Finally, we want to touch on a very serious issue that is indicative of foundation problems as well as structural damage. This one is found on the exterior of your home or property.

As our homes age, they can settle. However, our foundations can also be damaged over time by improper water drainage or just weather and aging. There are also signs that the foundation was simply not set properly to begin with.

If you notice signs of the soil around the base of your home or building pulling away from the structure, this is a sign of structural damage to your foundation. This isn’t your basic seasonal adjustment of soil but noticeable pulling away, and you should take action.

Reconstruction Services

When any of these signs or other signs of structural damage become apparent, it’s time to hire a reconstruction service. Dry 24 Restoration can help with these types of repairs, as well as restoration needs.

Your home should be a place of safety and security. Don’t leave issues like this untreated. Give us a call today and let’s get your home taken care of.

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