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4 Tips to Prevent Water Damage

water damage

Realistically, there will always be the risk for water damage in homes and businesses. The problem is that we can’t always predict every single issue that might occur. But, even knowing not everything is preventable, you should take steps and precautions to help reduce the likelihood of dealing with unexpected water wreaking havoc.

What exactly are those precautionary measures? Here are four tips that just might help.

1. Keep Gutters Cleared and Maintained

One element that a lot of people neglect is their gutters. But when you have rain or snow, your gutters have a big responsibility. It’s their job to direct all of that water out and away from your home. When they can’t properly do this job, the result is water making its way into the home.

It’s important to keep your gutters cleaned and well-maintained to help prevent this issue. You should also be sure that your gutters are directing water out and away from your foundation. Sometimes extenders need to be added to downspouts to make this happen.

2. Fix Any Weaknesses

A common cause of water in the home are weaknesses throughout the home. If you have a basement, it could be cracks in your foundation. Perhaps you’ve been putting off getting a new roof, but you have leaky spots that are starting to cause problems. Another issue might be cracks or areas of weakness that aren’t properly sealed around windows and doors.

All of these things are somewhat of a weakness to your home. While they may not be causing a problem today, they likely will be the source of a problem soon if you don’t get them taken care of. It’s also possible that they are letting water in, and you just haven’t discovered it yet. Don’t neglect these things!

3. Water Damage from Pipes

There are two parts to protecting your pipes. The first is simply to make sure they are maintained. When they start to rust, crack, or show signs of weakness, you should get them fixed or repaired. The other side to this is if you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures in the winter time.

Burst pipes are one of the most common causes of water damage. When you know you will have subzero temperatures, protect your pipes. You can insulate pipes that are in vulnerable areas. Use heat tape for pipes that you can monitor that are close to exterior walls. Let water drip to keep movement in the pipes. These are things that could help.

4. Take Action Quickly

When you do notice a water problem, or something that might lead to a problem, don’t ignore it! You need to take action. As humans, we have a bad habit of ignoring things or putting them off. Then, we panic when those little things become big problems. It’s up to us to take the initiative and take action when we notice an issue.

And if you do have water coming in, get it stopped and get it cleaned up immediately to prevent or reduce damages.

Let Us Help with Water Damage Restoration Needs

If you do experience damages from water, we’re here for you. Not everything is preventable, but hopefully these tips will reduce your changes of dealing with a problem. If you or someone you know does end up with water or mold issues, give us a call at Dry 24 Water Restoration. We can help you mitigate damages, clean up the mess, and restore your space.

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