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Why Using a Professional for Mold Remediation is Best

mold remediation

It is all too easy to find a spot of mold and think about handling mold remediation on your own. While you might be able to do some DIY mold cleanup, it’s really best to use a professional.

In this guide, we share some specific reasons that using a professional for mold restoration is the best choice. Check out more below.


When you are dealing with mold, it can be challenging to contain. It’s too easy to accidentally spread mold spores around. When a professional comes in, they go through specific containment steps. The affected area is quarantined off and separated from areas that aren’t contaminated.

This part of the process protects other areas of your structure from getting contaminated by mistake. Containment also refers to proper disposal of materials to ensure it doesn’t spread during disposal.

You Could Miss Some

Another important element of hiring a professional is their expertise. The truth is you can’t always see mold. This means you could easily have some hiding away and not even realize it. Mold can camouflage and hide inside and behind materials.

While you might look at the wall and think you know exactly where mold is, that’s not always the case. But when you bring in a professional, they can inspect and assess the damages to ensure the remediation process truly gets it all.

It’s simply not worth risking missing some and then having to go through this entire process over again.

Safety in Mold Remediation

The challenge with mold is that you might not really know what you’re up against. There are three basic types of mold: allergenic, pathogenic, and toxigenic. Even allergenic mold can cause some health issues, although it’s not toxic.

It is absolutely imperative that before you start messing with mold, you know how to be safe. Containment is part of safety, but so is air filtration and personal protection. Anyone entering the contained area or handling the mold removal needs to use personal protective equipment.

OSHA has minimum standards for safety when dealing with mold.


Finally, another reason to hire an experienced professional is because they can help with the entire process. Professionals can cover the removal of mold, the cleanup and restoration, and the final sanitation to ensure nothing is left contaminated.

Every company will have its own processes for this, but disinfecting and sanitizing is critical to making the space safe again after mold.

Let Us Help with Your Mold Remediation Needs

When you’re dealing with mold, you need expertise you can trust. At Dry 24 Water Restoration, we are IICRC certified and offer 24/7 emergency services to our clients. When you discover mold, give us a call to help you effectively and safely get rid of it.

Our teams take great care to ensure your needs are met. We pride ourselves on customer service and strive to make every experience a great one. Our professionalism and experience are what help us help you in situations like these.

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