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Troubleshooting Fire Sprinkler Issues

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Your fire sprinkler system is designed to help keep the building safe should anything go wrong. That’s all well and good, until something malfunctions or perhaps a small issue leads to the sprinklers going off. Now, you’ve got water damage from the sprinklers and a big mess to take care of.

While we never want this to happen, it can and does occur. Take a look at some of these tips to help you avoid fire sprinkler water loss. These are the things most likely to cause your sprinkler system to malfunction and lead to damages.

Maintain Sprinklers Properly

There are certain standards and codes that your system should be meeting. It’s a good idea to have an annual or semi-annual inspection to have the lines closely checked out and maintained as required. Industry standards have recommendations for how to properly maintain these systems to avoid a mishap.

When you are proactive about maintenance, you’re more likely to notice a potential issue before the malfunction happens and damages occur. Don’t wait until it’s too late to maintain the sprinklers.

Don’t Let It Freeze

Another common problem with fire sprinklers is that they aren’t properly set up to prevent freezing in cold weather. There are systems out there that are designed to prevent freezing, but there are also some things you can do to avoid a freezing issue. Check the location of the sprinklers and any type of air sources surrounding them.

Work with a professional company to better insulate spaces that might leave the pipes or systems more susceptible to the cold and cause a freezing problem. If the pipes freeze, they could burst.

Improper Installation

Another problem that leads to water damages is improper installation. Use a company that is certified to handle this type of task. You should also use a certified company for routine maintenance and inspections. The smallest mistake during installation could lead to huge issues for you later.

By the time the issue occurs, you probably won’t even know that it’s related to improper installation. You will just be left reeling from the damages and cleanup after the fact.

Keep It Clean

Finally, you need to keep the sprinkler systems cleaned. These systems are usually on walls or ceilings, and they get overlooked with cleaning. You don’t want to be touching them and cleaning them all the time. However, you also don’t want to let them pile up with too much dust or debris.

That dust could eventually lead to defective or faulty equipment. It could potentially trigger a false alarm and send the sprinklers into action. Work with a professional crew to ensure they are cleaned safely and properly.

Handling Fire Sprinkler Water Loss

If you happen to experience a mishap from the sprinklers that leads to water damages and loss, give us a call. Dry 24 Water Restoration has experience working with this type of damage. We’re here to help you clean up the mess and restore any damaged spaces back to their pre-loss condition.

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