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Understanding the Elements of Water Damage

water damage

Water damage can affect a home or business property in a variety of ways. The water does damage that you can’t always see on the surface, leaving you to try to figure out just how deep it is. Understanding the elements of water damage is important!

Rely on a quality restoration company to help you work through the process of restoration. Take a look at these different elements of water damage that could occur.


One of the most likely types of damage you’re going to face is damage to the flooring. Whether you have wood, tile, carpet, or something else, the water can wreak havoc and make you have to completely replace your floors.

In some cases, you might even have to replace the subflooring, depending on the extent of the damage.

Water Damage to Structural Elements

Another area that is prone to damage is your structure. This includes materials like the drywall, insulation, and frame of your walls. We often don’t realize how much structural damage could occur from water, and this can be neglected if you don’t get a professional opinion.

Remember that water can damage anything it can touch. It can also cause damage beneath the surface that you can’t see right away. Your structure has several components and all of those components can be affected by the water that comes in.

Moldy Issues

Another common problem from water damage is mold. Did you know that mold can begin growing in as little as 24 hours after water strikes? This leaves your home or business susceptible, particularly if you are not able to remove or clean up the water right away.

The sooner you can get things cleaned and dried, the less likely you are to face mold issues. However, a restoration service should be able to inspect and determine the risk of mold as they restore the damaged areas of your home.

Personal Belongings

Water can find its way just about anywhere in your home. If a pipe bursts, it can soak an entire room (or home) in minutes. If you have a leak, it can slowly allow water to damage an area.

When storming or flooding happens, it can be extensive and potentially even put your entire structure at risk.

In all of this, you likely have personal belongings that are in the path of the water. This includes your rugs, knickknacks, furniture, drapes, and more. As you survey the damage of your residence and structure, also consider furniture and personal belongings that could be affected.

Professional Water Damage Services

When water strikes, give us a call at Dry 24 Water Restoration. Our experts are available 24/7 to help with your needs. We’re not just here for the restoration; we can also help extract the water and clean up the mess as well.

Your home should be your safe space. Our goal is to help you return it to that space after the damage has occurred. Our teams are trained and certified to handle every water situation and take that burden off your shoulders.

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