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What to Do When You Have Water in the Basement

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In Tampa, we know all too well the possibility of heavy rains and storms at certain times of the year. Inevitably, this weather can lead to water in the basement. And what do you do about it when it happens? You’re going to need to find a Tampa water damage drying specialist to help you out when it happens to you. 

In this guide, we share some tips for what to do if you find water in your basement. Check it out below!

Common Causes of Water in the Basement

There are any number of reasons that you might end up with water in the basement. While it’s not uncommon, your basement isn’t just meant to be dank and damp all the time. You should take action to help prevent water in the basement as much as possible. 

These are some of the most common causes. 

  • Water leaks
  • Malfunction of gutters and downspouts
  • Foundation cracks 
  • Sump pump or French drain needed
  • Improperly working drainage systems
  • Poorly sealed areas (window wells)
  • Improper grading or sloping on the home exterior

In some cases, you might even notice high levels of humidity and condensation from humidity. In this case, you might need something as simple as a dehumidifier to help control moisture.

Steps to Follow if You Find Water in the Basement

So what do you do when you find this water nuisance? You take action! Here are a few helpful steps to follow.

1. Stop the Water Source

Figure out why you have water in the basement and do something about it. If you have a leak or cracks, get those things repaired. If you need a sump pump installed, or perhaps yours isn’t working well, then go ahead and call in someone to help with those. 

You’ve got to stop the cause of the water issues.

2. Drying and Water Removal

Now, it’s time to bring in the experts to help you extract water in the basement and get the place dried up. You want to move pretty quickly on this. Water can lead to mold growth very quickly so don’t take the risk. Plus, the longer water sits, the more damage it can do!

3. Cleanup and Restoration

Once things are dried out, you can begin the cleanup and restoration process. Your water removal company may be able to help with this part too. Figure out what needs to be repaired or restored, what is salvageable, and start working through cleaning up to get things back to normal. Don’t forget to sanitize the area as well!

Let Dry 24 Water Restoration Help When You Need Water Damage Drying in Tampa

If you’re dealing with water damages in Tampa and the surrounding areas, we’re here for you! Our teams have all of the necessary training and equipment to help you remove the water, dry up the space, and work through cleanup and restoration when you’ve experienced water damage. 

Contact us today to get help with your basement, or other water damage needs!

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