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What to Do When Fire Sprinkler Water Loss Occurs

fire sprinkler water loss

Fire sprinklers are great for protecting your building from fires and total losses. But on the flip side, they can malfunction as well. Whether you have a fire that triggers the sprinklers or you have a malfunction issue, you’re going to have fire sprinkler water loss to deal with.

What do you do? Here are a few tips that might help.

Stop the Water First

The first thing that you need to do is get the water stopped. This may mean shutting off the water supply temporarily. If you can just shut off the water to the fire sprinklers, that is ideal. This gives you time to get repairs made and figure out what caused the malfunction.

Once you get the water stopped, you can then assess and evaluate just what the damages are and start working to get things resolved.

Assess the Damages

Next, it’s time to figure out what you’re dealing with. This is a twofold process. You’ve got to figure out what caused your fire sprinkler problem to start with. That sprinkler system needs to be repaired sooner rather than later. In most facilities, you need those fire sprinklers to be compliant.

You will also need to assess the damages caused by water. Was it localized to just one area, or do you have extensive damages to contend with? Check out what types of damages there are as well, looking at things like structural damages, equipment damages, and anywhere the water may affect.

Start the Cleanup Process

Once you have an idea of what you are facing, you can start cleaning up. In most cases, you will want professional assistance for this step. The reason for that is because cleanup can be a huge job. You have to worry about getting the water out, and fast.

But professional companies have industrial equipment that can help speed up the water extraction and drying process.

The professionals do this type of work regularly, so they know exactly what to do. This prevents you from having to figure out the cleanup.

Restoration and Repair

Once the water is out and drying has begun or completed, any necessary restoration and repairs can begin. Every situation is different, so this process will be tailored to the restoration or repairs that your facility needs specifically.

Again, use a professional company. It’s quite possible that you can use the same company for cleanup and water extraction that you do for most of the repairs and restoration.

Fire Sprinkler Water Loss Help When You Need It

When you’re dealing with water damage from fire sprinklers, we can help. Dry 24 Water Restoration has 24/7 emergency services available. We can help you out from start to finish. This includes the initial cleanup and water extraction, clear to completing restoration for you as well.

It’s key to bring in a professional team as quickly as possible to get the process started. That’s why you can call us day or night and get a quick response.

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