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3 Common Flooding Issues and How to Handle Them

flood damage

There is more than one way that water can come into a home or business and wreak havoc. Dealing with flood damage can be overwhelming, and the damages are certainly not fun. A restoration company can assist in cleaning up and restoring when water damage from flooding occurs in your space.

In this guide, we discuss the three most common causes of flood damages and what you can do about them should they happen to you.

1. Burst Pipes – Leading Cause of Flood Damage

Burst pipes are the top cause of flood damage in the United States. Burst pipes typically occur in freezing weather, when the pipes simply can’t protect the water inside from freezing. When the water freezes, pressure backs up and builds within the pipe. Eventually, the pressure is released by the pipe bursting open, and water gushes out fast. Burst pipes can also occur with old pipes or pipes in disrepair.

You can do small things to help prevent burst pipes in freezing weather, but you can’t always stop them from occurring. When it does happen, you’ve got to move fast. There will be a lot of water gushing out of that pipe. The first thing that you need to do is stop the water. This may require shutting off the water main or a shut-off valve to a defined area. This will need to stay off until appropriate repairs are made.

Then, work on extracting water and drying things up quickly so you can repair and restore them.

2. Mother Nature

Mother Nature can lead to flood damage in your home or business as well. Sometimes she is fierce, and the side effect is water coming in where you don’t want it. In some cases, it may be flooding in your basement because your pump or drain can’t keep up. In other cases, it might be flooding rivers or lakes that lead to major damages.

Do your best to reduce flooding by ensuring your gutters and downspouts are working effectively, as well as ensuring your sump pumps or drainage systems are properly maintained. When lakes or rivers cause flooding, do the best you can to move items to higher ground to reduce damages to your belongings.

Don’t put yourself in an unsafe situation. Things are replaceable – you are not.

3. Fire Sprinklers

Another common cause of flood damage that most people ignore until it happens are water sprinklers. Water sprinklers are water lines that run through buildings or large homes. Those sprinklers can malfunction, or the lines can burst. Just like with a burst pipe, this will lead to gushing water coming out with extreme force.

If this happens, turn off the water source immediately. Then, move on to extracting water and starting the cleanup process. This situation can often be avoided by maintaining sprinkler systems and protecting lines from cold weather.

Call Dry 24 Water Restoration for Flood Damage Needs

When you experience flooding or water damage for any reason, we’re here to help. Dry 24 Water Restoration offers a quick response time so that we can be there for you when you need us most. We can help you extract water, dry things out, and restore your space to its pre-loss condition.

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