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5 Tips to Protect Your Home from Water Damage in Hillsborough County

water damage

While you can’t always predict an upcoming issue, there are several things that you can do to be proactive and try to prevent water damage in your home in Hillsborough County. These tips are small but mighty. Check out the top 5 ways you can work on preventing water damage at your residence.

1. Keep Gutters Cleaned and Maintained

One of the most common factors leading to unexpected water damage is gutters that are not effective anymore. This could be because the gutters have been poorly maintained and are now damaged or falling apart. It might also be that you need to clean your gutters so they can flow properly again.

Guttering systems are designed to route water out away from the home. When they can’t work properly, that water makes its way to places it shouldn’t. It has to go somewhere, so make sure your gutters can do their job. You might also check to ensure the downspouts are directing far enough away from your foundation to work properly.

2. Leaky Roofs Cause Water Damage

Leaky roofs are a huge problem. Sometimes you don’t realize there is a leak or an issue until you start noticing mold or major water damage signs. It’s not a bad idea to inspect your roof each year before the rainy season starts. You can also hire a professional to come inspect it.

If you notice or suspect a leak, get it taken care of right away. Protecting your home in Hillsborough County relies on fixing that leak to keep the water out.

3. Protect Pipes from Winter Weather

Burst pipes are another common cause of water damage. This could happen in commercial facilities from something like a water sprinkler. It can also happen in your home with old or unprotected pipes. How do you prevent it? You do your best to be proactive about protecting your pipes.

In a residential area, these are some things you can use.

  • Insulate pipes that are in vulnerable areas
  • Use heat tape under sinks that are near exterior walls
  • Open the cabinets to allow warm air in
  • Let the water drip on really cold nights to keep the water moving
  • If you can monitor, try a space heater directed toward the pipes to keep them warm

Insulating your pipes is something anyone can do and it’s affordable. Some of these other tips will require you to monitor for safety purposes.

4. Seal Cracks and Holes

Water damage can occur when areas around windows or doors are not properly sealed. You can fix this with some caulking and sealant. If you notice an area where trickles of water try to come through or that doesn’t seem to be sealed well, take action. These are places that water will invade if it finds the opportunity!

5. Move Quickly if Water Damage Occurs

When you do experience any type of water damage, be sure to move quickly to help mitigate that damage. The longer you let the water in, the more damage you are going to experience. Take action as soon as you notice an issue or a vulnerability. This will also help to prevent mold problems.

If you find yourself dealing with water damage, Dry 24 Restoration is here to help. From helping extract water to cleaning and restoration, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get your Hillsborough County needs taken care of.

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