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What is the Worst Mold Damage in Tampa for Your Home?

mold damage in Tampa

The mold damage in Tampa that you might find in your home could come from many different species of mold. However, the most common cause of mold in the Florida area comes from moisture. It could be excessive moisture thanks to humidity levels, or it could be from water damage. There are other things that bring mold, but these are the typical scenarios.

Read on to learn about some common types of mold that might be in your Tampa residence.

Acremonium Mold Damage in Tampa

Acremonium mold is a toxigenic mold, which means it’s a dangerous mold to have in your home. It develops due to moisture and it has a moist texture to it. However, over time the looks change significantly. This mold becomes powdery and fine with colors that are pink, white, gray, or orange.

Because it grows slowly, it may be present for quite some time before you notice it. There are more than 100 species in this category alone and they can all be dangerous. They cause health issues and even skin issues in some cases.


Aspergillus is a common mold species found all over. It’s in the air and you can be exposed to it both indoors and outdoors. Some of the species of this mold are toxic, while others are considered allergenic. The most common exposure comes from things like plants, plant decay, decaying leaves, trees, and similar items. This mold can cause Aspergillosis, which is an infection that causes several health issues. You may experience coughing, chest pains, skin lesions, headaches, or fevers and chills.

Black mold can be an aspergillus species.


Another hazardous mold to find in Tampa homes is chaetomium. It can cause severe allergies or even be toxic to a person’s health. This type of mold generally arrives from extensive moisture or water damage. In places that experience high levels of moisture, it can be pretty common. While some people have no reaction, you still don’t want excessive exposure to this mold as it can be toxic.


This mold is a tricky one, but it certainly can be found in Florida homes. It’s not as dangerous as some of the others, but it can cause allergies. Because it likes to hide, it can wreak havoc. Cladosporium is commonly found in places like carpets, mattresses, and upholstered items. When you sit or go to bed, you might be exposed to this mold, which can trigger allergy-like symptoms. It can cause both skin and lung irritation.

Let Us Help with Your Mold Damage in Tampa

Whether mold is toxigenic or allergenic, you want to treat it with some level of urgency. No mold is good mold when found in your home, and leaving it will only cause the problem to get worse. Let Dry 24 Water Restoration help you out when you find mold anywhere in your home. We can assess the damages, determine the best plan of action, and help you eradicate the mold to keep your household safe.

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