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What Happens to Your Stuff During Water Damage Restoration in Tampa?

water damage restoration in Tampa

If you’re dealing with water damage restoration in Tampa, it only makes sense you might be worried about your belongings. So what happens to your belongings while repairs are made? It’s common to wonder if your personal things are going to be in the way or if they will be safe. And you likely have some things that may need to be cleaned up and repaired. This is just like the water-damaged spaces of your home.

There are different things that could happen, so check it out below to learn more!

Move Things Out of the Way

One thing that may occur is that any belongings that are salvageable are simply moved. These belongings can just be moved to another area or space that isn’t damaged. This is to protect them during repairs and keep them out of the way. The items moved may need some basic cleaning, but they are mostly fine. These are the items that don’t need restoration or repairs and just need somewhere safe to wait.

Where you move the items will be up to you. Most water damage restoration companies will help you move things around or determine the best plan of action for your belongings.

Pack Out for Water Damage Restoration in Tampa

When you have stuff that gets damaged or needs to be cleaned up, there is a process for that. At our facilities, we have a team dedicated to taking care of these items. The items are packed out, taken to our secure facilities, and restored. Part of the restoration and cleanup process is determining how to restore or clean every damaged area. This includes your belongings, not just the structure itself.

While there are obviously going to be cleanup and repair needs for your home, such as carpet, drywall, and other areas, there is more to consider. Part of the restoration process should include your belongings, and this is called pack out.

We come in and pack up everything that isn’t structural that needs to be cleaned or repaired. We haul it off, clean it up like new, and then we bring it back to you! Everything is accounted for through an inventory and inspection.

When the items are taken care of, they are returned through pack back processes. This is where we pack them back up, return them to your home, and help you unpack and inspect to be sure everything is accounted for.

We Can Help with Your Stuff When Water Damage Occurs

While water damage restoration in Tampa is certainly a big part of what we do, we care about your belongings, too. Our teams can help pack up and clean and restore your belongings, as well as your home. As we inspect the damages, we can help you come up with the best plan to ensure your belongings also get the care they need.

If you’re dealing with water damage in Tampa, contact us at Dry 24 Water Restoration and let’s figure out the best plan!

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