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What Should You Do When the Sewer Backs Up?

sewage backup cleanup

A lot of people think that a sewage backup is just another cleaning task they have to figure out. But the truth is that it’s really a much better idea to hire sewage backup cleanup services in West Tampa when it happens. If it’s a minor backup, like a basic toilet clog, you can usually handle these on your own. But when you face a major backup, there are several safety and health risks involved. 

In this guide, we share some helpful tips and insights as to what you should do when you experience a sewage backup.

Clear the Area

A sewage backup brings certain risks into your home and business. This is not your everyday water damage, and it should be treated with special care. You don’t want to let any family members or pets get into the mess. It’s best to avoid it completely unless you are prepared with the right safety equipment to enter it. 

Sewage can contain pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and chemicals that could be hazardous to anyone that comes into contact with them. You will want to block off this space until it is properly cleaned and sanitized. Keep people and animals away.

Ventilate if Possible

Ideally, you should open some windows near the affected area if at all possible. Ventilating the space can help with odors and help air out chemicals that could affect the airflow. 

Running fans and vents is not recommended unless you can do so without stirring or spreading contaminants from the backup. You won’t always be able to ventilate or open windows, but if this is a possibility, we highly recommend it.

Always Be Protected with Sewage Backup Cleanup

If you do have to enter the contaminated area, be fully protected in order to do so. This includes the following at a minimum:

  • Face mask
  • Eye protection
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubber boots

Don’t allow any skin to be exposed or come into contact with the sewage. Protect yourself adequately. You also will want to be familiar with how to properly sanitize or dispose of these items when you finish.

Cleanup and Sanitation

Cleanup will require some special care. Sewage is considered a biohazard, which means that it has to be properly disposed of and sanitized to be safe again. There are very specific protocols, which is why hiring a professional is so highly recommended. 

Every affected surface will also need to be sanitized before the room can be used again.

Let Dry 24 Water Restoration Help with Your Sewage Backup Cleanup in West Tampa

When you need sewage backup cleanup in West Tampa, Dry 24 Water Restoration can help! Our teams have the proper training and equipment to help you safely and efficiently clean up the aftermath and get your space back to normal. Contact us right away to get the mess cleaned up and restore order as quickly as possible.

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