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What Does Water Damage Restoration Consist Of?

water damage restoration

Every water damage restoration crew in Tampa has its own processes and protocols for how it handles and addresses water damage. But despite having their processes, most companies are going to do some specific things to ensure that your water restoration needs are completely resolved. 

In this guide, we share a quick overview of how water damage restoration typically works.

Initial Inspection

When you experience water damage, you reach out to the professionals right away. The first step is getting us on the phone. Most companies, including ours, offer 24/7 response services so that you can get a quick response when you really need it. 

In most cases, you will already have the water stopped when we get there, or you will be working with a plumber or someone to make repairs to prevent further water damage. Our job starts by inspecting and assessing the damages. 

Every water damage situation in Tampa is going to be unique. We’re going to assess the situation, determine the best approach, and get started with cleanup, mitigation, and restoration. 

Water Extraction and Drying

Now it’s time to start removing water and drying out the affected space. The sooner the water extraction process begins, the better off you are. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours, so you want to take action and start drying right away if possible. 

Most companies that handle water restoration will also look for signs of mold while they are extracting water and drying things out. They will take steps throughout extraction and drying to dehumidify and try to prevent mold from occurring as well. 

This is a two-step process. In most cases, industrial equipment will be used to extract as much excess water as possible. Then, specialized equipment will start drying quickly.

Cleanup and Restoration

Once things are drying or dried, you can start assessing the damages and cleaning up the mess. In some cases, you may have personal belongings that have to be thrown out and replaced. Other items may be able to be cleaned up and restored. Your crew will be able to help you work through this process. 

Part of the cleanup will be to remove damaged and unsalvageable items and dispose of them. This process also includes restoring the damaged areas with new drywall, paint, etc.


Finally, every area affected by water damage should also be sanitized and disinfected. This last step should never be skipped. It can help mitigate the possibility of mold and ensures the space is safe from hazardous bacteria or pathogens.

Dry 24 Water Restoration: Serving Your Needs in Tampa

If you need water damage restoration in Tampa, we can help! Dry 24 Water Restoration provides a variety of cleanup and water restoration solutions to help clean up the mess, mitigate damages, and restore your space. Contact us today to work through your repair needs.

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