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What Do You Do After a Burst Pipe?

water damage

A burst pipe will rapidly lead to water damage. You will need to act fast and carefully. It can be hard not to panic when something like this happens, but it’s certainly helpful if you can keep a level head. We’ve put together a few simple tips to help you out after a pipe bursts.

Stop the Water

The first thing to do is get the water stopped. We recommend turning off the water main unless you’re able to quickly turn off the water source to this issue elsewhere. It’s best to turn off water at the main even in that case, though. Turning off the main supply will prevent new water from coming into the pipes until you get your issue fixed.

You should then call in a plumber. They will need to look at the pipes to help you get the burst itself resolved. Be sure to find a plumber who will respond quickly so you don’t have to be without water for an extended period of time.

Wait for Safety

When a pipe bursts, there could be different safety elements that you need to keep in mind. If there are any type of electrical outlets or appliances that have been involved, you will want to be very careful about making any contact with the water. You may need an electrician in this case to give you the all-clear.

Keep in mind also that it’s possible the water could contain bacteria or cause bacteria by entering your home. Always use proper safety gear before touching things that were damaged by the water or the water itself. Rubber gloves and boots are a good start.

Start Cleaning and Drying

At this point, you need to get the water out of there and get things drying out. This can be a challenging task. This is when you should contact a water restoration company. While they will help restore the water damage, they can also assist you in mitigating damage and removing the water from the scene.

Industrial equipment that can help to soak up water and dry out the area is ideal. However, you can also do things like blow fans, open windows, and put things out in the sunshine to help with some of the drying processes.

Find a Water Damage Restoration Team

Finally, you will need restoration. As mentioned, you can often use a restoration team to help with water extraction, cleaning, and the restoration process. Choose a team that can help you through the entire situation. They can help get your home back to its pre-loss condition.

Water Damage Restoration

If you’re facing water damage or know someone who is, give us a call at Dry 24 Water Restoration. Our teams are available 24/7. We can help with the entire process. Our equipment can get the water out and dry the area. Our teams can then help to restore your home.

Remember that you need to act quickly to avoid further damage or mold.

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